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Sports Ambassadors

Our Sports Ambassadors for 2023 to 2024 are:

Emily Harris (Year 5)

Bodhi Lawrence (Year 5)

James Johnson (Year 6)

Menna Richards (Year 6)


Our Sports Ambassadors aim to encourage our children to:


Take part in a range of sporting activities and games.

Enjoy being active and keeping fit.

Feel included when taking part in physical activity.

Learn how to play a variety of different sporting activities and games.



We encourage children to be healthy, confident individuals. Sports Ambassadors will encourage all children to take part in physical activity in a fun and inclusive way. This can be through break time activities or tournaments or fund raising events. Sports Ambassadors are able to develop a variety of skills including leadership, organisation.


Our Sports Ambassadors aim to ensure our children have:

Opportunities to develop new sports skills.

Opportunities to develop resilience when playing games and sports.

Appropriate and safe equipment to play sports.

A feeling of belonging and respect for each other.


Our Sports Ambassadors should encourage pupils to develop:

A sense of belonging.

Teamwork and respect to one another.

A variety of sports skills.

Understanding of how to play a variety of sports and games.



Class elections will be held every year so that representatives from Year 5 can put forward their ideas as well as developing the full potential of the Sports Ambassadors Programme.


Organisation and Training:

Sports Ambassadors take part in online training with NPT Pass on a termly basis and provide feedback regularly. They will meet with the lead teacher to discuss ideas and potential activites and how they can be organised. At the end of Year 5, children would have completed their Bronze Award and later on in their school life, have opportunities to continue the programme and earn other awards.


Lead Teacher: Mrs K. Sansom.

Link between the School and Pupil Voice Groups:

When organising games, tournaments and events, Sports Ambassadors will work alongside other Pupil Voice clubs and committees. E.g. School Council, Healthy Schools etc.


The Sports Ambassadors will be leading games, tournaments, fun days when appropriate and will present ideas with the whole school. Feedback is encouraged by pupils to help improve experiences and ideas for future activities and events