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Dosbarth Mrs Martin

Week Beginning : Monday 2nd October 2017


Homework this week is Handwriting. Please complete the two sheets that you have been provided with.

You must remember the sizes and height of the letters. (Remember that imaginary line!!)

Take your time and try your best!!

Mrs L Martin frown



Week Beginning : Monday 25th September 2017


Your homework this week is an online activity. Please log in to your ActiveLearn user areas in order to see your allocations!

Your activity is called 'Bingo' and it is based upon the equivalence in measures work that you have done in class this week!

Good Luck!

Mrs L Martin frown

Week Beginning : 18th September 2017


Your homework this week is to research the topic 'Gold and the practise of Alchemy'.

You have been provided with a sheet to get you started but you will need to add some sheets of your own!

Ensure that your research is hand written and that you don't copy information word for word.

Use your own words!!

This homework needs to be returned to school by Wednesday 27th September as you will need it in order to begin working on your information report in school!

Good luck and happy researching!!

Mrs L Martin frown

Week beginning 11/9/17 :

Well it's been a very busy first two weeks back at school and Year 6 have been very hard at work!


Homework this week is Maths. You will need to log in to your Abacus Activelearn User space in order to complete the tasks that have been allocated to you! This needs to be attempted/completed by Monday! Don't forget you can always keep trying these activities to better your score!


Note for Parents! - Pupils have been given a reminder of their online User names and Passwords already!Homework will be set on a Friday and must be completed by the following Monday (unless otherwise stated).

Homework will be a range of online activities and paper exercises at the teacher's discretion. Homework will always be noted here on our Class page in order to keep you up to date on what your child is being asked to do. 

Please could you provide your child with an A4 file (not the large ring binder type) in order for them to have a place to store their completed and marked homework (in school)!

Thank you

Mrs L Martin frown

Welcome to Year 6!

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!


I hope that you have all had a fabulous Summer break and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this new academic year!


September is always a very exciting time and we need to make sure that we are all well prepared for the start of term. So here are a few helpful pieces of information for you!


P.E will be on Tuesdays - Please ensure that P.E kits are in school every Tuesday. P.E kits will be brought home at the end of every Tuesday due to a lack of storage space for them.

A reading book needs to be brought to school every day!

You also need to make sure that you have a black biro, pencil and ruler (30cm) for class work!


During this term the class will be studying the topic ‘Alchemy Island’. Within this topic we will be learning all about the ‘Changes of State’ that can take place within materials. The children will investigate creating mixtures (predicting and observing what happens when materials are mixed with others) and also will explore processes that can be used in order to separate mixtures (discussing whether a change is reversible or irreversible).


In English, pupils will be developing their understanding and writing of Non chronological reports and Biography/Recount writing. Pupils will focus on writing Non Chronological reports about a hobby of choice and about a ‘Modern Mixture’ (Topic Link). Biography writing will involve pupils writing a brief biography for a famous person of choice and also for a famous scientist. Recount writing will be linked with our topic.


In Science, we will be exploring the properties of materials, reversible and irreversible changes. Within this topic, pupils will have the opportunity to conduct practical investigations in order to discover which materials change and how they change.


Dosbarth Mrs Martin will also be reflecting on Christian beliefs and how these affect people’s everyday lives. Pupils will also be exploring the structure of the Church in Wales.